Gone Blonde

When Lionel Messi broke the internet with his new blonde hair, I’d be damned not to love it!

He’s basically my favourite footballer of all time and according to me he’s the best in the world.

So I decided to get the the rest who went blonde.

Aaron Ramsey:

He was the first to go blonde and boy does he look good! If you watched the Euros 2016, he stood out from the rest of his Welsh teammates! 👌

James Rodriguez: 

So apparently he went back to his original hair colour. Too bad I actually liked James being blonde, he kind of looks like a boy band member and a very hot one!



Okay, I don’t know what the reasons are for surgery but seriously… 

There are certain people who just don’t look good with it. I thought that surgery was supposed to make you look better and you see people with puffy cheeks, and bloated faces. Like WTF? How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Yes we all see things differently and that’s not to say that they all look bad, some of them look better after surgery.

I just only have one question, to those who bleached their skins. So you used to be darkskinned your whole entire life and suddenly you’re now light, how does it feel like when you look at your pictures? Doesn’t it feel weird to see that you’re no longer that person in the pictures?

But then again, it’s not my cup of tea. I just don’t think that I’ll ever understand it.


I’m pretty sure that everyone has faced betrayal before and it’s true that those who you trust the most, hurt you the most.

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and observe everything. 

I’m not trying to be perfect (Any trust me I know for a fact that I’m not) but I get so disappointed when you’re trying to change for the better and there’s that one person who wants to bring you down.

I’m stronger and better than this. I’m far from perfect and forgive me for trying to be a better me.😑

Favourite cricketers


It’s the IPL (Indian Premier League) season and so you have to get along with the vibe. I decided to have my list of favourite cricketers, not just cricketers that play in the IPL but international cricketers.


Quinton de Kock — Not only do I think that he has a baby face (and that makes him so adorable), being young and playing like he does.👌 I see a bright future ahead of his cricketing career.


AB de Villiers — For the past year’s he’s been the greatest and hottest thing that cricket has ever had. Still with the hopes of retiring with a major title (that dream is still on), he’s just something else when he hits the shots.


Virat Kohli — The only guy on my list that’s not South African. There’s just something about Virat, he dazzles at the right moment, just like in the 2016 T20. You can try to hate the guy but he’s just good at what he does.


Kagiso Rabada — You can call him the future of bowling not just only in South Africa but for the whole world. KG’s just only a 20 year-old but he plays with the skill and composure of matured cricketer.


Imran Tahir — Everytime I see Imran I just laugh out loud. He’s a great spinner and he knows his job (Pakistan lost something but then again we gained something out of their loss). His celebrations are just priceless and I’ve notice that he always runs off alone, and they all just wait for him to return .

These are my personal favourite cricketers, if you feel as if you’d like to add some players you can comment or you can reach us on social media:

I don’t know much about politics


It’s not that I don’t know much about politics but it’s just that I hate politics because every time something happens I end up feeling disgusted about it. South Africa has come so far and we’re nothing like the other countries here in Africa. We’ve had so many achievements but instead moving forward, it’s like we’re taking a 100 steps backwards, just because of corruption. Truth be told I wasn’t even going to vote this year, I just didn’t want to vote at all but I persuaded to go and register.


You see what happens in parliament, people who are supposed to be role models are on one another’s throats and there is just no civilization there. Truth be told all of this is just disgraceful, there is just nothing good about all this.
A lot of money gets paid but you don’t even see where that money goes to. You have students protesting that the #FeesMustFall because tertiary education is just so expensive.


And then we have our President…


A President that no one wants. So apparently he never finished school. How is that possible? How can have some who never even completed school to lead a nation? I just don’t get it at all, I don’t understand how all of that is possible. Why waste our time with so many years of studying if someone who hasn’t even been at school for probably 10 years can become president.

I just feel that he should just step down and move on. What’s the use of holding on to something that isn’t there.

Unfollow the followed


So yesterday I was on Instagram and I just shook my head, I then told my uncle that some people really think that they’re smart. He laughed and told me, “I’ll never understand this followers thing.”
I then rolled my eyes and thought, “You never will..”
He the came up with the suggestion that I should start an Unfollow the followed campaign. Like always I just looked at him and laughed, he just said; “Think about it, almost everyone who’s famous think that they’re superior.”

Okay yes they’ll lose almost all their followers but then my Instagram will be mostly about people that I know, where’s the fun in that??
I like to “InstaStalk” people, I know the whole entire word just sounds creepy.

By “InstaStalk” I’m talking about checking other people’s picture (mostly people I don’t follow). It’s not really a bad thing, right?? The pictures are there for me to look at, it’s not like I’m doing something illegal.

The campaign might work but I don’t want to be the bad guy.:? I actually love following people even though they don’t follow me but only when you’re famous for something that’s actually real!

Me without tv.😣


I’m obsessed with tv, from telemundo soapies to Indian soapies.
It’s been about 4 days without watching those shows and 4 more days to go before payday. My aunt says that it’s a good thing that those channels aren’t playing cause that way I can focus on my studying but are you kidding me?!? Do you know just how much I’m missing? It’s like I’m living in an abandoned planet and I’m the only one there.
Especially Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, I don’t know what and how but I’m so attached to the show. The funny thing is I would have never found out about this show at all.
I was bored one morning browsing through all the channels and I came across Glowtv, this show was playing and I thought to myself “Oh… Why don’t I watch this.”.
Eventually I watched and I fell in love with it, I told my aunt that I have a new story to watch, she asked me about it and I excitedly told her about it. We became loyal viewers of the show and we still are, missing all those episodes is just too painful. 😭

I even gave up on the countdown cause I just can’t wait anymore. Thank you to all those loyal #ThisIsLove viewers who post almost everything on Facebook, I might have not watched but at least I have more or less of an idea about what happened.❤

First post

I’ve waited for a while to finally have my own personal blog.. or let’s just say I’ve been lazy to create one. All I just want is a platform to express myself, share my views with other people and just try something new.

I just can’t explain how happy I am right now, as crazy and lame as it might sound. I feel as if I’ve achieved something. Sometime in the future I’ll probably look back and ask myself; “What the hell was I thinking??”
But then again, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Still getting used to this.